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What if?

What if towns and cities had a purpose beyond housing, feeding and an opportunities to earn a living? What if towns and cities had a mission that empowers and unearths potentials? What if we build communities instead of accumulations of houses? What if towns and cities had a focus? Something to aim for? Something to contribute? What if a town or city was alive and thriving?

Welcome to the easy town website for towns and cities international, an easy town project to rethink and inspire towns and cities around the globe, and a demonstration that rethinking towns and cities is a promising option to address the messes humanity is in.

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Towns and cities


Pump sessions

If you are looking for some input for your town, district or city, get in touch for an ideas and/or rethinking session.

musing, by Charlie Alice Raya

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Rethinking facades

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Towns special

Cycles & coexisting

Casey's bookshop

Casey’s bookshop

The story of a town which reinvents itself.

views from around the universe

Views from around the universe

Writers from various planets share their views on towns and cities.

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towns specials

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The Hub

icon for the Hub

The Hub is the idea for an internet within the internet, which could also be used to simplify admin tasks for towners, tourists and patients.

Each week a town will be introduced in connection with a special Hub feature idea such as tools for town admin, education, events or tourism.

New on Tuesdays

book stations

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book stations are part of a whole bunch of ideas for the future of books.

The first towns specials introduce a town for story creators and a town for publishers. Other towns specials take a look at how books and the books trade can improve life in a town.

New on Thursdays


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dot. is an idea for a clothing company which empowers creatives, small businesses and the customers.

These towns specials focus on the role dot. could play for the local economy, the local identity, and the well-being of the towners.

New on Wednesdays

The sex talk

icon for the website: we need to talk about sex

The human sexuality has many positive aspects but also terrible ones.

The sex talk towns specials introduce towns which address both the enjoyable and the destructive aspects of sexuality, taking both the physical and mental health & happiness into account.

New on Fridays

Key scenes and quotes from the

easy town story

icon for the easy town books

towns and cities international and the easy town story

The first steps of the idea for TaCI (towns and cities international).

easy town, sketch

The origins of the easy town idea

While all town ideas have their origin in the ideas for easy town, easy town emerged in a time of crisis.

key quotes

Key quotes

Book 1, beginning tells the story of the first weeks of planning a town experiment. The key quotes focus on the essential statements and scenes with regard to the composition of the town, business practices, health, arts, education and more.

main teams

The team presentations

An introduction of the main project teams, plus the presentation of some ideas for easy town from book 1, beginning.

Photo special

photo series, street life, title: screw you, by Charlie Alice Raya

photo special

street life

photo series, street life, 2022

photo special

street life, 2022

Berlin mirror, link photo, by Charlie Alice Raya

photo special

Berlin mirrored + more

Berlin Marathon, ghosts, 2022, by Charlie Alice Raya

photo special

Berlin Marathon, 2022


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