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Gardens for towns & cities

Gardens for towns and cities is a collection of ideas for gardens with a purpose, aim or focus.

One of my early gardens list got to over forty ideas, by now the list has over a hundred and sixty ideas, and it is still growing.

Some of the gardens are part of the easy town story, some make an appearance in the dot.story, and some are mentioned in the examples for easy town business ideas (see the

It is likely that I will publish the gardens collection with details for each garden at some point. I just don’t know when, yet.

Like the town ideas presented on this website, the gardens have special purposes: such as the Challenge Garden to keep fights off the streets, The Silent Garden to get a chance for a quiet walk when you need it, The Mushroom Garden which would be a great town highlight every autumn, The Party Den outside the town where the party never has to stop, and where it can make all the noise it likes, and more.

Many of the gardens on the gardens list could become tourist attractions, but usually the main objective of a garden is to give different people in a town or in a city spaces where they find like-minded people, or where they can present their craft and art, where they can let off steam, or find some rest or even some healing.

Some of the gardens on the list, like The Senses Garden, could become an essential part of medical clinics and rehabs.

I live in a city with a nice large park around the corner. But sometimes there are just too many people around for a nice quiet walk.
Now, I don’t need a quiet walk all the time, but sometimes I would love to go to a Silent Garden where no one talks, and sometimes I would love to go to a Dance Garden to hop around, or to a Debate Garden for a nice argument.

The thing is, once you declare a place as a kick-the-ball-around space, or as a Books Garden, or as a dance-as-long-as-you-can area, or as a Challenge Garden, you make sure that people know where they can go to do whatever they want to do, and everyone can find a place that is fitting for their present needs and moods.
This also provides areas for interaction among people with similar interests and moods, because why would anyone go to the Jesters Garden if they weren’t in the mood for a good laugh?

The Senses Garden / The Feel Garden

The following dialogue is from book 1, beginning, week 1, where The Senses Garden is still called The Feel Garden.


‘The Feel Garden is no less tricky. And again, I suggest a close cooperation with Health & Care. The idea is to have a garden with different objects, materials and surfaces. The garden’s aim is to give the visitors stimuli for their senses: touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting. For example: a visitor could walk through clay, touch fur, smell hay, see a rainbow in a waterfall, feel and taste peppermint leaves, listen to birds and the like.
A patient who has been through a brain injury will benefit from any stimuli they can get. But even an average western person tends to have dulled senses and is often stiff and tense. By stimulating our senses, anyone can become more aware of their body again and actually use everything the body has to offer. This would also reduce the tensions that build up in our bodies due to stressful jobs or situations.’
‘And people could learn to be more perceptive again,’ another new face prompted.
‘Yes. I don’t have many details on the Feel Garden, but sometimes I thought it could offer different kinds of experiences. Quiet experiences and for those more daring, fun things like running through a waterfall.’
‘Or crawling through mud?’ Jack suggested, smiling.
Alice smiled back and said: ‘Or roll down a slope and land in a pond.’
‘Naked?’ Maja uttered dreamily and many laughed.
‘OK, OK. I think I get the general idea,’ Kim interrupted, sensing that more people wanted to add ideas for the fun part of the Feel Garden.

book 1, beginning

Gardens for towns & cities

  1. The Challenge Garden
  2. The Dare & Venture Garden
  3. The Hurdle Garden
  4. The Balance Garden
  5. The Senses Garden
  6. The Strength Garden
  7. The Resistance Garden
  1. The Body Garden
  2. The Bones Garden
  3. The Nerves Garden
  4. The Skin Garden
  5. The Herbs Garden (medical)
  6. The Health Garden
  1. The Breathe Garden
  2. The Yoga Garden
  3. The Meditation Garden
  4. The Nap Garden
  1. The Steam Garden
  2. The Bathing Garden
  3. The Mud Bath Garden
  4. The Hot Spring Garden
  5. The Sauna Garden
  1. The Swimmers Garden
  2. The Climbers Garden
  3. The Walkers Garden
  4. The Improve-how-you-walk Garden
  5. The Runners Garden
  6. The Improve-how-you-run Garden
  7. The Prosthetic Users Garden
  8. The Skaters Garden
  9. The Cyclers Garden
  10. The Wheelchair Users Garden
  11. Bikers Garden
  12. Racing Garden
  13. The Hearing Impaired People Workout Garden
  14. The Vibrations Garden for Sports
  15. The Blind People Workout Garden
  16. The Workout Garden
  17. The Pumpers Garden
  18. The Kickers Garden
  19. The Balls Garden
  20. The Martial Arts Garden
  1. The Silent Garden
  2. The Blind Garden
  1. The Howl Garden
  2. The Rage Garden
  3. The Scream Garden
  4. The Nothing Garden
  5. The Weeping Garden
  6. The Ecstasy Garden
  7. The Laughter Garden
  8. The Joy Garden
  9. The Ice Cream Garden
  1. The Dream Garden
  1. The Sculptors Garden
  2. The Carvers Garden
  3. The Painters Garden
  4. The Graffiti Garden
  5. The Photographers Garden
  6. The Artists Garden
  1. The Image Garden
  2. The Picture Garden
  3. The Gallery Garden
  1. The Crafts Garden
  2. The Tinkerers Garden
  1. The Performers Garden
  2. The Jesters Garden
  3. The Plays Garden
  4. The Movies Garden
  1. The Sounds Garden
  2. The Sounds & Music Garden
  3. The Sounds & Vibrations Garden
  4. The Jazz Garden
  5. The Dance Garden
  6. The Bands Garden
  7. The Songs Garden
  1. The Books Garden
  2. The Story Garden
  3. The Writers Garden
  1. The Literature Garden
  2. The Fantasy Garden
  3. The Comics Garden
  4. The Mystery Garden
  5. The Authors Garden
  6. The Scientists Garden
  7. The History Gardens
  1. The Philosophers Garden
  2. The Thinkers Garden
  3. The Why Garden
  4. The Debate Garden
  5. The Fact-Check Garden
  6. The Visions Garden
  7. Education Gardens
  1. The Worlds Garden
  2. The Miniatures Garden
  3. The Mini Rails Garden
  4. The Rails Garden
  5. The Toys Garden
  1. The Cultures Garden
  2. The A Piece of Home Garden
  3. The Memory Garden
  1. The Playfulness Garden
  2. The Sex Education Garden
  3. The Sex Garden
  1. The Flying Solo Garden
  2. The Couples Garden
  3. The Romance Garden
  4. The Candle Light Garden
  5. The Lights Garden
  1. The Party Den
  2. The Out For Laughs Garden
  3. The Feasts & Festivals Garden
  1. The Games Garden
  2. The Gaming Garden
  1. The Hang Out Gardens
  2. Chill-Out Garden
  3. The Tree Houses Garden
  4. The Pavilions Garden
  1. The Mind-your-own-business Garden
  2. The Walk-the-way-you-want Garden
  1. The Parents Garden
  2. The Fathers Garden
  3. The Mothers Garden
  4. The Siblings Garden
  5. The Grandparents Garden
  6. The Playground Gardens
  7. The Kids Chill-Out Space
  8. The Teens Garden
  9. The Teens Chill-Out Space
  10. The Generations Gardens
  11. The Families Garden
  1. The Gods Garden
  2. The Gods Gallery Garden
  1. The Queens & Kings Garden
  2. The Masquerade Garden
  3. The Quings Garden
  4. The I AM Garden
  5. The Mirrors Garden
  6. The Common Garden
  7. The Gossip Garden
  8. The Posing Garden
  9. The Tea Garden
  10. The Coffee Garden
  11. The Mingle Garden
  1. The Camping Garden
  2. The Temporaries Garden
  1. The Floating Garden
  2. The Hanging Garden
  3. The Underground Garden
  4. The Tree Tops Garden
  5. The Roofs Gardens
  6. The Facades Gardens
  7. The Mountains Garden
  1. The Insects Garden
  2. The Worms Garden
  3. The Bees Garden
  4. The Butterflies Garden
  5. The Birds Garden
  6. The Fish Garden
  7. The Dogs Garden
  8. The Cats Garden
  9. The Pets Garden
  10. The Feeding Ducks Garden
  11. The Birds Garden
  1. The Flowers Garden
  2. The Wild Flowers Garden
  3. The Grasses Garden
  4. The Weeds Garden
  5. The Bushes Garden
  6. The Tree Barks Garden
  7. The Timber Garden
  8. The Trees Garden
  9. The River Garden
  10. The Lake Garden
  11. The Ocean Garden
  12. The Wild Garden
  1. The Herbal Garden (cooking)
  2. Mushroom Garden
  3. Vegetable Gardens
  4. Fruits Garden
  1. The Rocks Garden
  2. The Minerals Garden
  3. The Jewels Garden
  4. The Precious Garden
  1. The Fabrics Garden
  2. The Flowers for Colours Garden
  3. The Colours Garden
  4. The Fashion Show Garden
  5. The Spaces Garden
  6. The Shoe Garden
  7. The Feet & Legs Garden
  8. The Barefoot Garden
  1. The Tech Garden
  2. The Speed Garden
  1. The Workspace Gardens
  2. The Workshops Gardens
  1. The Maps & Globes Garden
  1. The Spring Garden
  2. The Summer Garden
  3. The Autumn Garden
  4. The Winter Garden
  5. The All Seasons Garden
  6. The Sun Garden
  7. The Moon Garden
  8. The Coexistence Garden
  1. The Gardens Garden

Floating Gardens

Maybe Floating Gardens could help in areas with a high risk of floods.

The idea is to set the gardens on platforms which would rise with the floods. Poles might be best to fix the gardens to a location.

Later addition: Just found these images of floating gardens in Bangladesh published by The Guardian.

gardens for towns and cities
Gardens Springs


Like the list for town ideas, the list for gardens for towns and cities is growing as well. And gardens play a role in every part of the easy town story, in the dot.story, at Hub Stations, and even on the Hub.

gardens for towns & cities

An invitation to a garden party /:-)

Not quite. But if you would like to discuss an idea for a garden, I would be delighted to add some ideas.

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