The Silent Garden is self-explanatory. It’s a place where no one speaks, and where you can go for a stroll, sit on a bench, read a book … I wouldn’t go for flowerbeds or fountains but rather for a wilder, untamed kind of place with little trails, old trees, wild plants and maybe a small stream.

book 1, beginning, week 1

Silent Town

Focus: Silence & deafness, a town run by deaf people

I like silence. Silence isn’t necessarily noiseless but quiet and unexcited. In the book series there is already a Silent Garden and the dot.story features a Silent Garden as well.

And I thought a Silent Town would be great too, a place where you can go and — well, be silent.

Combining being silent with the opportunity to communicate in sign language was the next intriguing thought.

Silent Town


Silent Garden features in the dot.story and is introduced in book 1, beginning.