At some point, Nina declared: ‘Loving your body opens your mind to loving everyone and everything else.’
‘Even the environment benefits,’ Eugene added, cuddling Nina. ‘If people are in tune with their bodies, how can they not be in tune with nature herself?’
‘Besides,’ Nina said, ‘if you nurture your body, you care about what your body is exposed to and what it ingests. So embracing your body is the key to loving everything. And that’s when the fun starts.’
The fun with Nina and Eugene ended when Alice carelessly remarked that both advertising and religion made it near impossible to relax about the body and its natural functions.

book 2, travelling

The Full Monty

Focus: The human body

Who wants to live in the colon district? might be a question someone on the planning team asks, because one of the ideas for this town is to build it like a human body (one half for each sex, and yes I know what your next questions are).

Saying this, one of the other ideas is to have body gardens, so you can walk into the oversized models of the human body and get — well, probably a little scared — but also a better idea of how amazing the human body is.

This would be an ideal town for students of all medical professions.

But there is more to it …