On planet Earth humans seem to have trouble to recognise their own kind. Instead of enjoying each others uniqueness and ingenuity, they seem to be afraid of each other and blind to the fact that they all pretty much have the same dreams and fears. Dreams that could become reality if they recognised each other as who they are. Fears they could overcome if they had a drink together.

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A town run by and for refugees

Until all governments stop to harass and starve their citizens, and until the West stops to damage the planet, stops to exploit their fellow humans and natural resources, and stops to trade in weapons, there will be refugees.

One way to acknowledge the role western interests have played and are playing in the displacement of millions of people, is to provide land and funds for refugee towns.

The general idea is that a refugee town is built and run by and for refugees.

These towns have several objectives:

  • Provide a town where refugees can recover, and where they get treatment for their traumata.
  • Provide a town where refugees can regroup to fight for their countries and for their rights, from a safe place.
  • Provide a town where refugees can build and create a place for themselves.
  • Provide a town where humans who had to flee their country can live a dignified life, and where they can build their own businesses, schools, health services, art venues, party places, libraries, a tourism branch, and everything else that makes a town.
  • Avoid paperwork, waiting times, discrimination, frustration, anxiety.

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