Here is another hardly explored passion of mine: gardens with content and even some purpose.

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Gardens Springs

Focus: Gardening & gardens

I don’t know much about gardening, but I guess you could easily fill a town if not a city with people who love gardening, and who are happy to further explore the past, the present and the possible future of gardening, probably with a special eye on diverse insect populations, soil quality, which plants can and which can’t be neighbours, and the like. It would also be great to have a huge botanic garden and a great library on gardening knowledge from around the world.

However, I am more interested in gardens with a specific focus, see gardens for towns and cities.

Gardens Springs


Like the list for town ideas, the list for gardens for towns and cities is growing as well. And gardens play a role in every part of the easy town story, in the dot.story, at Hub Stations, and even on the Hub.