‘I don’t want to know. You’d take away the magic. I’ll give them a story, just for myself. A story with a magic lake: lights twinkle on the surface. And then grief fills the lake from below and pushes out the tears. No, no it needs to be a better story. Tears are meant to water and cool your skin because sadness makes you dry and hot? No, no. It needs to be better. Tears are little messengers. They are in a great hurry, and that’s why they travel in water bubbles, because those water bubbles can stream down the cheeks quickly.
“But where are they going?” the little boy asks.
“Into the hearts,” the messengers answer.
Could still be better, but there was a little magic there.’

book 2, travelling


focus: stories & storytelling

Storyland focuses on everything that has a connection to stories, except publishing and marketing, the first is the main focus of pepperbourgh and the second is an issue that needs some proper rethinking and reevaluating — but that will be some other town’s purpose (maybe Unlearn Wood is best suited for this task).

Come to think of it, there are some other exceptions: Journalists Quay could look into the use of imaginative stories in journalism. And I guess Speakers Ground would get the thankless task of identifying and rethinking stories in politics. But maybe Speakers Ground could get some help from Thinkers Bay.