Tamati, one of the dot.city team members, returned: ‘It’s something we keep experiencing. Often questions lead to simple answers. But the point is not how simple your answer is, or how easy your research is, the crucial point is that you spotted a question that needed to be answered. We are hoping that you will spot such questions again. And we’d love to have you on the dot.city team.



Focus: Clothing

‘I just talked to Robyn from the New Zealand Team,’ Hachiro said, leaning back in his armchair. ‘I know Alice is against it, but I hope we’ll build more than one town. And I hope that each town will have its own focus.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Our first Easy Town will focus on the neurological patient. Everything is centred around that: research, treatment, making the town part of the healing process, giving the damaged brain stimuli and so on. But I think every other town could have a focus of its own. I am dreaming of a town that focuses on fashion. A vibrant centre for dot.international. And while I love Japan and Rebun Island, my home, I have a great fondness for New Zealand and its people. And I’d love to build dot.city there. Besides, I love the Maori body paintings and their work with feathers. It would be great to learn from them. I already had a chat with Tangaoroa from the New Zealand Team. He’s sceptical, but I think he might open up, given time.’
‘Hm. How would you focus a town on fashion?’
‘Simple, we’d have everything we need to create, produce and present fashion. And we’d teach all the arts of everything involved: tailoring, drawing, design, composition (…)

book 2, travelling



dot. started as one idea in many in book 1, beginning. By now dot. has its own website, its own book with relevant easy town story scenes plus quite a bit of additional material, and dot. got its own story: dot.story, Edinburgh, Tunis and the world.

dot.city has been an integral part of the easy town idea from book 2, travelling onwards, and it gets relevant input in the dot.story as well. Meanwhile the dot.business model serves as blueprint for additional business ideas.

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dot.city is not about a local community, dot.city is about a community of like-minded and like-interested people regardless of where they are from.

notes for the dot.story

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