When I think of Dancerock I see a town filled with stilt houses. The stilts would have different heights so that the composition of the town creates something like dancing waves. Streets could zigzag around, above and below houses, like little streams running between the dancers.
A street could for example start on the ground, then rise to the level of a house, wind past it, then run around the next house before rising above the following building and then plunging towards the ground again. Here and there would be little platforms with gardens without disrupting the overall intense dynamic of the composition.
Because of this intensity, it might be interesting to have a Silent Garden at the centre of this town.

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Focus: Dance

Apart from the professional dancers and dance shows, a lot in town would be about enjoying dance regardless of whether you follow any specific school of dance, which dance skills you have, or whether you just like to move to music.

The Party Den, one of the main gardens in the easy town books, is probably larger in this town than anywhere else. This Party Den could be built in cooperation with Sound City and Gardens Spring, and together these three towns could develop Party Dens around the world.


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