Bruno clicked on a story headlined: ‘Dignity can be a question of the right size.’ The writer, Mitch, was an author and a dwarf, from Chicago, US, who wrote: ‘I always believed that dignity can be a question of the right size. In fact, this line has crossed my mind whenever I had to do my shopping for clothes in the children’s section. But it was only when I entered a dot.customer area and was treated like an adult by a professional tailor while trying on my purchases from the dot.website, which fitted perfectly, that I fully grasped the truth of these words. I literally left the dot.customer area a full man.


Three Towns

Towns run by and for

town 1: dwarfs
town 2: mediums
town 3: giants

There would also be special considerations for big people, but since they come in all sizes, they might not get their own town – or maybe they will.