Even publishing can be an art form if it is allowed some space. Space to breathe, space to dance, space to discover, space to fool around. That’s the kind of space where the impossible can happen.

Notes for pepperbourgh and pepper books publishing


Focus: Printing & publishing

This could be a town with special reading places, like tree houses, public cottages with fireplaces, haylofts, rafts on the lake, the roofs of some towers, and maybe there is a pipe delivery system for books.

And of course, this town would have book festivals, probably six weekends, one each month in the darker seasons.



The ideas for pepper books publishing, book stations, and the bespoke books network, which would be central in Pepperbourgh, are already introduced in some detail in the book stations tour, see the website www.book-stations.org.

Pepperbourgh is also further discussed in the dot.book.

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