Dennie did his best to distract them both by telling Alice about the vast Russian forests which were falling victim to speculations and corruption like so many other forests worldwide. He spoke fondly of bears and wolfs, forest lakes, hiking trails, the paper industry, timber families and the rich forest wildlife, before once again dropping into a tirade about all the arseholes who had nothing better to do than to cut into the planet’s hearts, and all the stupid, short-sighted customers who only knew one motto: want, want, want. And the jerks who said: they want, we deliver — in prime time.

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Bears Cross

Focus: Forests and forest wildlife

It seems strange that it took us millennia to understand that nature is perfect and that if we mess with it, e.g. via monocultures, we harm ourselves.

Just recently I read an article about the dying forests in Europe and the writer sounded almost surprised when they pointed out that to save the forests, they needed to regain diversity, as in letting different kinds of trees grow in the same forest.

I am a city person, and what puzzles me most is that people who know forests let this happen.

Anyway, Bears Cross will be a guardian and explorer of forests and forest life. And the town will develop solutions to heal forests and to nurture biodiversity.

Which reminds me of something else I read, about an old forest North of Berlin. The article said something that this protected forest had a biodiversity that common forests couldn’t have. And it sounded as if the writer said: Well, we know what it would take to make a forest into a surviving natural space again, but sorry, we can’t do it. Why the heck, not? Why don’t we put every bit of effort into finding out how it can be done?

Well, Bears Cross will. With a the helping of imagination, stubbornness, a great scientific team and very likely indigenous groups who seem to know so much more about the basis of all life.

I keep wondering: Do we really believe that we will get away with destroying the land we live of? Or are we all so tired that nothing matters any more?

On a happier note: Bears Cross could also explore life in forests, as in how can we live in forests without doing any harm? And I see a great team who build the most amazing tree houses, and even tree top gardens and tree top hiking paths.