‘Seth, are we still friends?’
‘Always, John. And what kind of friend would I be if I constantly agreed with you?’
‘I wouldn’t ask for constantly but lately I detect a gaping absence of agreement.’
They were crossing the entrance hall to get a bit of fresh air, and Seth thought for a moment. Then he said with a little sigh. ‘Look, I don’t know how to put this, but when something gets my attention, then I don’t mind jumping right in. You are more careful.’
‘Thank for trying not to say that I’m the idiot who has trouble with every kind of change, and therefore I’m a lot slower to warm to all these ideas.’
Seth smiled a little lopsidedly. ‘Thanks for telling me what an absolute fool I am for trying to explain something I don’t really understand.’
Now John smiled a little. ‘You are a careful and thorough person, Seth. And yes, I have some difficulty with change.’
‘And you usually also have some good points.’
With this they left the main building, each smiling a little to himself.

book 1, beginning

Square Root Nest

Focus: A town run by and for people with autism

I wonder what this town would be like.