Maybe we get lucky and come up with an approach that works for all parties involved: children, men and women. Relationships seem to be important for the well-being of humans, therefore exploring why so many relationships turn sour, and why so many children experience a screwed up childhood, will be part of our experiment.

book 2, travelling


Focus: Human sexuality

Sexshore would be a town which explores everything that has even the slightest connection to sex.

‘Jack cocked his head and countered playfully: ‘I agree. Sex is a private matter. But since this private matter has led to abuse and chronic unhappiness, we need to talk about it. Once sex is a happy undertaking again, devoid of abuse and dissatisfaction, it can all go back to being private.’

book 2, travelling


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We need to talk about sex


This town idea will be discussed in more detail in the book: 42 towns and counting.

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