‘I’m not that happy with anyone making out in public,’ Devery said.
‘What?’ Hachiro exclaimed, spilling water on the table. ‘You are French. The French invented making out. How come I ended up at a table full of prudish dudas, dudes and dudus?’
Everyone chuckled and Adeola said: ‘Because you’re such a tolerant guy? And you still have hope for us?’
‘Yeah. You’re right. It’s too early to give up on you lot. But seriously. It’s no big deal. Kissing is great. No matter who kisses who, or who kisses you.’
‘I’ll toast to that — despite some reservations,’ Devery said, raising his glass.
‘There’s hope for you.’ Hachiro laughed. ‘A toast to the magic of kissing.’

book 2, travelling

Oceans Pride

A town run by and for the LGBTQIA+ community

In book 11 of the easy town story some characters visit a lesbians/gays village, and that brought up the idea to have a whole town or even city for the LGBTQIA+ community, a place that make no fuss about sexuality, is free and grants freedom, and does quite a bit of research into gender fluidity and sexual preferences throughout the millennia.

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We need to talk about sex

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