It had always been Francois big dream to build a place were nothing was wasted, not a sparkle of electricity, not a wisp of steam or heat, not a single bit of waste, not a drop of water or dew, and where every resource was part of a cycle, part of helping each other out.


Cycles Gate

Focus: Building and producing with natural processes in mind

‘Humans are the only organisms who constantly create things that neither regenerate nor digest or live. It’s as if we make the planet swallow plastic balls. No one can survive swallowing plastic balls, not even once.’
‘You’re not wrong. We have made our world into an artificial world. It’s not properly alive any more.’
‘And we keep adding dead things, suffocating our planet and ourselves.’

book 2, travelling


But there’s no working ecosystem in our global economy. It just takes and exploits and extracts and destroys and pollutes, and thoughtlessly increases its output, and humans thoughtlessly hoard whatever they can. It doesn’t build, nurture, retire, die, and make room for new arrivals. There’s no natural cycle there.

Additional notes on cycles


This town idea will be discussed in more detail in the book: 42 towns and counting.